Six Flags New England: Six Flags New England, in my opinion, is by far one of the most underrated Six Flags parks out there. SFNE is home to a very solid coaster lineup. As we all know, it is home to the world class Superman The Ride, and the top notch RMC Hybrid, Wicked Cyclone. However, other coasters such as Batman the Dark Knight, Goliath, Mind Eraser, Thunderbolt, and Pandemonium add to the mix, making SFNE's eleven coaster lineup a force to be reckoned with. Despite SFNE's coasters being the heart of the park, the park is not only geared towards coasters. There is something at SFNE for everyone in the family. If you're into waterparks, there's Hurricane Harbor, which is a famtastic waterpark (free with park admission) that is home to over 33 different waterslides. SFNE also houses an array of flat rides. New England Sky Screamer is currently the world's tallest swing ride, and is the tallest ride in the park's history, standing over 400 feet tall. You can also find other appealing flats such as Tomahawk, Fireball, Scream, and Buzzsaw. This park is also family oriented with it's kids areas such as Kidzopolis and Looney Toons Movie Town. Despite SFNE being a solid park in all of these areas, it does have a few down sides. One of them being that they do not have a dark ride, which in my opinion, is a must for every park. The only indoor ride that the park has is Houdini, which really isn't even considered a dark ride. I really do hope that SFNE is aware of their need for a dark ride, and invests in a Justice League Battle For Metropolis dark ride in the coming years. The other downfall of the park is that if you visit the park on a day in which there are light crowds, you will mostlikely ride everything that you want to in about half a day. You will probably end up finding yourself doing many re-rides on the coasters if they are your cup of tea. Last but not least, PLEASE REPLACE BOTH FLASHBACK AND MIND ERASER. I'm hoping that by 20201 we will see both of these coasters removed and replaced with new coasters that would be better fits for the park. In my personal opinion, the best fits for replacements of these two coasters would be an S&S Launched El Loco in Flashback's spot, and a B&M Wing in Mind Eraser's spot. This would make SFNE an even stronger park than it already is!

Six Flags Great Adventure: I feel as though Six Flags Great Adventure is the number one Six Flags Park. Not only does it have one of the top coaster lineups out there, it has such a wide diversity of overall rides, attractions, and things to do for the whole family. For the thrill seekers and coaster enthusiasts you have three top notch coasters, Nitro, El Toro, and Kingda Ka. For families there are two moderate indoor family coasters, Skull Mountain, and the Dark Knight Coaster. However, for the little ones, there are multiple kiddie areas/rides as well such as Bugs Bunny National Park and Adventure Seaport. When you look at other Six Flags parks, and most other parks in general, do you see an off-road safari experience with over 1,200 animals? Your answer should be a big NO. This is one of the main factors that sets SFGADV apart from the rest. Safari Off-Road Adventure is a unique safari experience that is free with your admission to the park, and it is directly connected to the park, making SFGADV the largest amusement park in the world in terms of land footprint. Whether you're a teen thrill seeker, a parent, or a toddler, Safari Off-Road Adventure is sure to be an exciting experience for you. One of the few complaints that I have about Six Flags Great Adventure is that Hurricane Harbor is not connected to the main park, and has a separate admission. If you compare this to a park like Six Flags New England, where Hurricane Harbor is included in your park admission, this is definitely a downfall. This is one of Great Adventure's very few weaknesses. However, I do have some wishes for the park within the next few years that will benefit it. Up until this year I would have said that the park is in desperate need of a dark ride that is not a coaster. However, with Justice League Battle For Metropolis on the way for 2017, that is no longer the case. Now, a major loophole that I feel needs to be attended to is their lack of a moderate wooden coaster. Ever since the removal of Rolling Thunder, El Toro has been the park's only wooden coaster. As we all know, El Toro is absolutely incredible, and way above average when comparing it to most other wooden coasters. That is why I feel the park needs another wooden coaster that is medium speed, and nothing too crazy.

It is heavily rumored that in the coming years, the park will be adding an RMC T-Rex coaster. I feel this would be a great addition to the park, however, I don't feel that's what is needed at the moment. Before worrying about the T-Rex, I think Great Adventure should focus on installing a moderate GCI waddle within the next year or two. If you ask me, every park needs at least two wooden coasters. Once Great Adventure adds another woodie, and then possibly an RMC T-Rex I think they will be golden. Last but not least, I have always been a firm believer that Bizarro will not be sticking around for much longer. My prediction is that by 2020, we will se Bizarro removed, and installed at another Six Flags park. I see this being time and place that an RMC T-Rex comes to the park. On the other hand, I can also see Green Lantern being converted into a stand-up coaster once Bizarro is removed, due to the stand-up coaster becoming somewhat "endangered'. So, to sum things up, Six Flags Great Adventure is by far one of the best parks that I have ever been to, and with a few minor adjustments, it could potentially become close to a perfect park!

Lake Compounce: For being America's oldest amusement park, I have no complaints. For Lake Compound's size, obviously you cannot expect anything too crazy or over the top. So, for being my home park, I am very satisfied with what they have, especially now that they have installed Phobia Phear Coaster. In terms of coaster lineups, Lake Compound is not very strong. However, again, you need to keep in mind that this is a small park. So, as of right now they have a lineup of four coasters. They are the world's best wooden coaster, Boulder Dash, Phobia Phear Coaster, Zoomerang, Wildcat, and Wildkitten (kiddie coaster). From 2000, which was the year that Boulder Dash opened, up until 2016, which is when Phobia opened, Lake Compounce hadn't installed one coaster. This is why the park was in such desperate need for Phobia. I feel as though they couldn't have gone with a better option than a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II. It is compact, intense, and thrilling. It's simply a perfect fit for Lake Compounce. Now, aside from coasters, Lake Compound has a solid lineup of flat rides as well. You've got Down Time, Thunder N' Lightning, Revolution, the Pirate, Wipeout, and more. There's also a very large kiddie area, for the little ones, along with a decent sized water park for the whole family, Crocodile Cove. Crocodile Cove is also included in your park admission. Aside from the waterpark, there are also two water rides in the dry park. Those are the Saw Mill Plunge, and The Thunder Rapids. For park improvements, I feel as though Lake Compounce could expand their water park to the other side of the lake, which I believe is already being done. Also, they could definitely use another coaster or two. Maybe an S&S 4D Free Spin or a Chance Rides Hyper GT-X would be a good fit on the far side of the lake as well. Overall, Lake Compounce is a very nice family park, and I really enjoy it!

Cedar Point: Not much has to be said for America's Roller Coast! The one word that I would use to describe Cedar Point is "incredible". Whether you're looking for accommodations, a beach, a waterpark, water rides, rides for the family, rides for the kids, great food, and of course the roller coasters, you will need to look no further than Cedar Point! Obviously, Cedar Point is known for it's amazing collection of roller coasters, which is widely considered to be the best one in the world. To be completely honest, I can't argue with that. If you were to ask me which park I think has the best lineup of coasters in the world, without missing a beat, I would tell you Cedar Point. Cedar Point offers top notch coaster after top notch coaster. Whether we're talking about Millennium Force, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Gatekeeper, or Valravn, we're talking about a list of coasters that all rank among the top of their respective categories. Also, those are only five of their whopping seventeen! However, Cedar Point does have much more to offer other than just their roller coasters. The park is also very strong on the flat ride side of things. They have four very notable flat rides, that can somewhat be considered iconic as well. They are Windseeker, Power Tower, Max Air, and Skyhawk. These are the main flats that the park offers for the thrill seekers, but the park offers a wide variation of flat rides for the everyone else in the family as well. Not to mention that they have multiple kiddie areas spread throughout the park. Aside from the rides and coasters, Cedar Point also serves as a vacation destination. With the beautiful Hotel Breakers, nearby Breakers Express, and the Lighthouse Campground, Cedar Point offers multiple accommodations for anyone who travels from far away to the park, or anyone who would like to turn their park experience into a vacation! It also doesn't hurt that Cedar Point is on a massive peninsula, sticking right out into gorgeous Lake Eerie. You can enjoy the lake by relaxing on Hotel Breakers' beach, or docking your boat at the Cedar Point Marinas. If the lake isn't your thing, but you're still looking to cool off in the water, you can head on over to Cedar Point Shores Waterpark! As far as room for improvement, there's not much I have to say for Cedar Point. One of my two suggestions is already about to be attended to, which is converting Mean Streak into an RMC hybrid. If you already aren't aware, this is all but confirmed for 2017. Mean Streak has recently been shut down for good, and RMC i-box track has been spotted right next to Mean Streak, along with Rocky Mountain Construction vehicles. Second, I would recommend for the park to add a B&M flying coaster in the coming years. The reason I am making this suggestion is that it is practically the only loophole that there is in Cedar Point's coaster lineup. If Cedar Point decides to add a flying coaster, I'm not sure if they will have anymore room for improvement in their coaster lineup at all. To sum things up, America's Roller Coast has something for everyone in the family, and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best park in the world! Yes, I am disagreeing with the Golden Ticket Awards!

Sea World Orlando: Sea World Orlando is a very diverse park. Obviously, the main focus of the park is their marine life/habitat and shows. This takes up the majority of the entire park. Whether its orca shows (now defunct), dolphin shows, shark habitats, ray touch tanks, or even the Wild Arctic experience, Sea World Orlando features a massive variety of state of the art marine habitat. Aside from the marine life that Sea World has to offer, the park also appeals to thrill seekers. The park boasts three major coasters that all rank among the top of their coaster types. They are Manta, a B&M Flying Coaster, Kraken, a B&M Floorless Coaster, and the brand new Mako, a B&M Hypercoaster! These three coasters dominate the skyline of the park, and all deliver the quality thrill that us coaster enthusiasts are always looking for. They each offer a very different ride experience as well. On Mako you're getting the height,, speed, and airtime, on Kraken you're getting the intense g-forces and inversions, meanwhile on Manta you get the unique sensation of flight. Not only does Sea World Orlando offer rides for the thrill seekers, but for the entire family as well. At the park you will also find rides such as the Wild Arctic, Journey to Atlantis, and the Shamu Express kiddie coaster. Journey to Atlantis is a hybrid, heavily themed flume/water coaster. On the other hand, The Wild Arctic is a motion simulator experience where you will explore the great Arctic! Also, if you're more of a waterpark person, you can find Aquatica just across the street from the park! Aquatic is Sea World Orlando's massive waterpark that features water thrills, aquariums, marine life encounters and shows as well. I think its very safe to say that Sea World Orlando is a fantastic park destination that appeals to the entire family! Despite their recent declines in attendance, I think they definitely working their way back up!

Universal's Islands of Adventure: Universal's Islands of Adventure may just be the overall most well themed park out there! Not only is the park's theming incredible, but the rides and experiences put you directly in the movies/storylines that they are themed to. Islands of Adventure practically brings you to an entirely different world! Whether your planning on going on a dino expedition to the Jurassic Park Landing, taking a magical journey to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Hogsmeade and Hogwarts), saving the day at Marvel Superhero Island, or coming face to face with the beast at Skull Island, IOA has you covered! It is home to a total of 15 rides. These rides vary from intense thrills to rides that are perfect for the entire family. Out of these 15 rides, there are 4 roller coasters. They are The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Dragon Challenge (2 coasters), and the Flight of the Hippogriff. The Incredible Hulk and Dragon Challenge are very high thrill coasters, meanwhile Flight of the Hippogriff is much more on the family side. The Incredible Hulk Coaster, just recently rebuilt, is on my top ten list of coasters that I have ridden. It is a launched B&M sit-down coaster. Between its incredible launch, layout, and theming, it is a coaster that you will not want to miss. Not to mention that Dragon Challenge, which is part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is also the only dueling B&M Inverted Coaster out there. However, due to guests throwing loose articles at the opposite train, the coasters no longer duel. However, it is still a very unique experience. Aside from the three water rides the park has to offer, Dudley Do Right Rip Saw Falls, Popeye &  Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges, and the Jurassic Park River Adventure, the majority of the park's rides are 3-D and 4-D simulator experiences. No other park out there has perfected ride experiences such as these ones that IOA has to offer! The park also offers Doctor Doom's which is 2 very well themed S&S drop towers. To sum things up, Universal's Islands of Adventure will offer you a park experience that you won't be able to get anywhere else in the world. Right next to Universal Studios Florida, and the all new Volcano Bay, I highly recommend that you take the time to pay it a visit!

Universal Studios Florida: It is definitely safe to say that Universal Studios Florida is not a "coaster heavy" park. However, it doesn't need to be. That is not what this park is all about. This park focuses on bringing the movies to life with incredible theming, effects, and incorporating thrills into those experiences. Islands of Adventure, on the other hand, is a little more thrill and coaster focused. However, Universal Studios has their fair share of coasters as well. The park's three coasters are Rip Ride Hollywood Rockit, Revenge of the Mummy, and Harry Potter Escape From Gringotts. These coasters all take theming to a whole new level. On Rip Ride Rockit, you're the dj. You choose the music that you would like to listen to while riding from the playlist that they offer. The Revenge of the Mummy and Escape From Gringotts both take you into a completely different world of 3d effects, animatronics, sound, lighting, and more while forcing you to scream on some thrilling coaster experiences that you can't get anywhere else. Aside from the coasters, this park is also home to many other state of the art 3d and even 4d rides and attractions. Some of these are Transformers, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, The Simpsons, and Jimmy Fallon Race Through New York. You can also find rides and attractions suited for the little ones in Woodie Woodpecker's Kid Zone, or at the E.T. Adventure! Whether it's the shows, the rides, the theming, the dining, or even the top Halloween event in the world, Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Florida is a must visit for any theme park or movie adventurer!

Dorney Park: One word to describe Dorney Park, in my opinion, is amazing! Between Dorney's solid coaster lineup, flat ride collection, waterpark, and overall great park atmosphere, there is so much to rave about in this park! The staff was great as well. Every single employee and staff member was very helpful, friendly, informative, and helped make my day so much for enjoyable. I enjoyed every single one of their major coasters as well. These were Steel Force, Talon, Hydra, Possessed, Stinger, and Thunderhawk. With two solid B&M's, a thrilling Intamin Impulse, one of the better Vekoma's,, a Morgan Hyper, and a classic woodie, the park has quite the strong lineup. The only thing that is missing is another wooden coaster. I think if the park were to add a nice GCI woodie in a few years, they'd be a force to be reckoned with. Not only was the coaster lineup on point, but they had a huge variation of flat rides for everyone in the family spread throughout the entire park. Also, from what I saw, Wildwater Kingdom has some fun looking waterslides as well, and the waterpark was pretty big itself. The park was very easy to get around/navigate, and was not overly crowded, considering it was a Tuesday and the schools are still not out just yet. I highly recommend heading over to Dorney in October for their Haunt event, because it is FANTASTIC. The mazes, scare zones, Skeleton Key Rooms, are all things that you do not want to miss out on.

Bowcraft Amusement Park: For starters, Bowcraft Amusement Park is most definitely a kiddie geared park. The majority of the park's rides and attractions were directed towards a younger audience. The park was very understaffed, the staff that they did have was not very friendly. However, I did not go into this park with high expectations considering that it will be closing permanently after this season. Almost all of the concession and game stands were not opened, and the park was practically empty. The park's jewel was definitely their Zierer ESC coaster, Crossbow! This coaster was very good for what it was, and in my opinion, did not fit in with the park. This was a very quality family/thrilling coaster that I felt should absolutely have a better home. With Bowcraft closing at the end of the season, I really do hope a small park considers buying and installing Crossbow. Like I said, it may not be the craziest or best coaster out there, but it's a great fit for a small park! Overall, Bowcraft had a very carnival/cheap feel to it. However, like I said, the park may not be in it's best state at the time due to it being the last year of operation. If I were to visit a few years back, this review may look a little different.

Money's Piers: Morey's Piers is hands down the best boardwalk park that I have ever been to. Everything agot Morey's was just incredible. The abouthere, the flat ride collection, their coaster lineup, the food, the staff, the customers service, you name it... everything was perfect! Whether you're looking for high intensity roller coasters, rides for the younger ones, haunted walkthroughs, thrill rides, a nice day on the beach, waterparks, mini golf, or great food, Morey's has you covered. The entire boardwalk is divided up into three piers. They are Mariner's Pier, Surfside Pier, and Adventure Pier. Each has their own lineup of thrill rides, coasters, water rides, and and experiences for the whole famely. You can even hop on a monster truck or a helicopter ride. The piers, all together, boasted a total of six roller coasters. They are Sea Serpent, a Vekoma Boomerang, The Great Nor' Easter (the absolute best Vekoma SLC I've been on since they retracked/refurbished it, The Great White, a CCI Wooden Coaster, the Doo Wopper, a Mack Rides Wild Mouse, The Flitzer, and Rollies Coaster, which are both mild family coasters.Another experience that I really enjoyed while at Morey's was The Ghost Ship. This is a haunted house that is themed to a creepy cargo ship, which operates all season long, with live actors, and was fairly scary. I could go on and on about all of the different activities and experiences that you can take part in at Morey's Piers. There's no wonder why Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards consistently ranks it the world's best boardwalk park!

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