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Welcome to "Adrenaline Vlogger", the official second YouTube channel of Adrenaline Coasters! While our primary YouTube channel provides you all with coaster off-ride footage, music videos, and documentaries, "Adrenaline Vlogger" is here to accomplish a completely different goal. This window into our world will allow you to follow myself, Alex Fortuna, around to all of the different theme parks, waterparks, and haunted attractions that I visit, with a vlogging style of film. This channel includes daily vlogs, to provide insight on the life of a coaster enthusiast, such as myself. Not one park visit will be missed by the "Adrenaline Vlogger" YouTube channel! Please enjoy, like, and subscribe!

Next Vlog - Six Flags New England on June 21st!

Back at Lake Compounce! (Vlog)

Memorial Day at Quassy & Lake Compounce (Vlog)

Lake Compounce 2018 Season Preview with Jerry Brick (Vlog)

Quassy Amusement Park 2018 Season Preview (Vlog)

Back at Six Flags New England Again?? (Vlog)

Six Flags New England Opening Day 2018 Vlog!

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